Monday, March 6, 2017

Ranum Week 26

Hello and welcome back to the YESS program at Ranum Middle School blog!

This past week started off with mentor Monday and I had students present their leaders in history. They created a slideshow talking about a leader they admired and what made that person a great leader. Overall, the presents went well, the students do need to work on eye contact and not putting blocks of text/reading straight off the powerpoint but they are definitely improving!

Tutoring Tuesday went well. I printed off some new worksheets and found a math worksheet they were currently working on so students were happy to get the extra help there.

Wednesday and Thursday was all about wealth and what it means. We watched some short videos about wealth inequality here in America and globally around the world. We also saw a video on what it means to be a minimalist and how it effected some peoples lives for the good. These videos brought about great conversations of material wealth and how that is spread throughout the world. After the discussion, I had students talk about what they value besides money and how they value money depending on their moods (ex. Good/happy mood could equal donating money/giving to a friend).

Friday we did a team builder called spaghetti towers. It's like the marshmallow challenge but I do not require students to just have a structure that supports 1 marshmallow at the end. I give them just spaghetti and mini marshmallows and have them build the highest tower possible. It was great seeing students work together and collaborate. Here are some pictures:

Another great week in the books!

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